What type of photo is best for selling cars on letgo?
letgo PRO | Apr 01, 2019

Imagine you’re searching for a car online.

(And imagine you’re doing it on letgo, because our users perform hundreds of millions of searches a month. Also, imagine it’s a red convertible, just because that’s cool.)

When you’re scrolling through the feed of available cars, which one of these two are you most likely to click on?

Which are you most likely to message a seller about? Which are you most likely to call about?

When you’re selling cars at the dealership, you get to make a strong first impression with a firm handshake and your million-dollar smile. Online, though, the images you use for your cars have to do all the heavy lifting - so they’d better be as attention-grabbing as possible.

And that means you have to make a big choice.

When you want your cars to get noticed, are you better off uploading images with banners and branding that identify your dealership? Or should you stick to non-branded ones that just show off the goods?

If you’re wondering whether other dealers agree on the best solution, we’ve got the inside scoop: pro car dealers on letgo are split almost exactly 50/50 when it comes to branding their listings.

(So it’s not like everyone else is in on some big, juicy sales secret.)

The good news, though, is that car buyers on letgo have more distinct preferences - and they can point you in the right direction when you’re listing your cars!


Which type of car listing gets the most views?


When a buyer scrolls through the letgo feed looking for cars, the ones that catch their eye the most - and earn the most views - are the ones without any branding or banners on the image.

This is especially true on the day that listings are first posted - when they’re right at the top of the feed, images without banners earn 20% more views:

(And don’t forget - when your listings get bumped back up, they’re back in that top position again, so you could be attracting a lot more leads over time by choosing images without branding.)

The more filters a buyer applies to their search results, the less difference it makes whether listings use branded or clean images - they still prefer them without branding, just not by as much.

Long story short, the earlier the buyer is in the browsing process, the less likely they are to look at a car listing with dealership branding.


Which type of car listing gets the most messages and calls?


Views are great and all, but what about more qualified leads who are serious about buying?

Do buyers’ preferences change if they’re already at the point of wanting to talk to a dealer?

Turns out, choosing to include (or not include) a banner can make a big difference in your cars’ liquidity.

Cars without branded images are 10-15% more likely to receive messages from leads, and they also attract more messages per listing.

Want to get more calls from interested buyers?

Non-branded images of cars for sale score more of those, too - especially in vehicles prices priced below $12k!


Here’s what it all means for car dealers


Let’s go back to that question we asked at the beginning: When you want your cars to get noticed, are you better off uploading images with banners and branding that identify your dealership, or ones that don’t?

The short answer is that non-branded images consistently perform better for car dealers selling on letgo. They attract more views, more messages, and more calls from interested buyers, especially within the first 24 hours of being posted.

The longer answer, though, is a little more complicated, because when buyers demonstrate stronger intent and readiness to buy, the difference in performance between branded and non-branded images starts to shrink.

Serious car buyers are eager to connect with reputable dealers, so take advantage of other opportunities to identify yourself as a professional, like a dealership logo in your profile picture and a quick introduction in your bio. (letgo PRO users also get an exclusive PRO badge on their profile and their listings to help them stand out.)

Ultimately, while personalizing images of your cars with dealership branding may seem like a useful sales tactic, it can mean missing out on potential buyers - especially ones who are early in the buying process. On letgo, choosing clear, high-quality, branding-free images of your inventory is the most reliable way to attract leads to your dealership.

With more than 100 million downloads and 6 billion messages sent on letgo, interested buyers are out there searching - and with the right images of your inventory, you can capture their attention and turn more of them into customers!