Get better leads with letgo PRO’s exclusive new messenger

| Sep 25, 2019

Want better leads and fewer tire-kickers? We’ve got you covered with the latest updates to letgo PRO!

We’ve improved the look and feel of our listings, so buyers get more details about your cars up front and you get contacted by warmer, more qualified leads. (Plus, your cars just plain look really good.)



Want more information about the leads who contact you? We’ve got that covered, too!

With letgo PRO’s exclusive new messaging system, your leads give you more details than the average buyer. We’ll collect info like their email and phone number, along with any specific questions they might have, and give you all the important details in a convenient report so you can reach out and get them to your dealership.

Better listings, warmer leads, and quality messages from seriously interested buyers delivered straight to your inbox - it’s all yours on the biggest app for local buying and selling when you’re a letgo PRO member!


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